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Sending innovative technology startups since 2017

Accelerated projects

We SEND your aspirations into competitive real world achievements

Strong Team

We at SEND speed track your innovative technology organisation through a mulit-facet approach to enhance your time to market and give you that competitive edge all startups need to succeed

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What we can do for you



Not only be the best, but look the best too. The SEND team has design experience with, logos, branding, front end design and tokenomic design

Team acquisition

Our extensive network has an extensive network of potential team members, from CX level, developers and advisors to plan and execute while being intro’d to the right people


SEND has a strong network of 7+ IDO Launchpads, 20+ Angel investors and Venture Capitalists, 30+ founders and 40+ influencers that only invest in the best. SEND is an in house accelerator fund that is used to bootstrap projects from idea conception

Digital Marketing

SENDs marketing partners are activated to provide tried and trusted go to market and growth hacking strategies to ensure your organisation gets the exposure it deserves

Business Development

SEND has single handedly closed 10+ partners for multiple successful De-Fi and NFT projects in the space

Market Making

SEND works closely with tier 1 market makers that we can give warm introductions to. They can support anything from exchange listings to treasury management


SEND has recently merged its development vertice with a team of over 130 active developers and 18+ blockchain projects with a proven track record. They can design and build anything from idea conception to completion and beyond


SEND is composed of highly experienced innovative technology business consultants and a development workshop

Ecosystem accelerator partners